I write my crime thrillers under the pen name of Sam Flint.

I like to specialise in stories where an ordinary person finds themselves in a world they don’t understand, facing opponents who are much more professionally equipped to deal with what is happening. The stories deal with the police but they are not police procedurals. In many cases my protagonists must get people to believe in them when all evidence is to the contrary. I particularly like situations where the big themes that appear on the news actually impinge on the lives of ordinary people.

I am inspired by the works of John Le Carre for their world view and ability to focus on human nature. I admire Simon Kernick for his ability to tell a story with page turning pace, and from Sophie Hannah I enjoy that skin creeping feeling when you discover the sinister and dark hidden just below a veneer of ordinariness. I hope I have been able to season my work with some of these precious skills. I can only keep trying.