I write my Adult Romance stories under the name of SM Flint. This is to avoid confusion with my crime thrillers rather than any attempt to deceive readers. This site makes it clear that Sam Flint and SM Flint are the same person. Other writers who I admire have been able to work in separate genres without their work generating unrealistic comparisons so I hope people will give me the benefit of the doubt as well. If you like both sorts of stuff I write that’s fantastic. If you don’t well that’s just life.

I’ve called this theme adult romance not as a code for porn because the stories don’t have the instant gratification people expect from porn, but to distinguish them from the more wistful stories of the Mills and Boon variety. Whether they count as erotica as ever depends what goes on in the readers head. The stories are set in situations most people would recognise and the narratives are about people in relationships but I describe everything that happens in those relationships. A friend joked that some of the candid scenes were `Mills and Bone’ and I guess that reasonably describes what happens between the covers.

So if you are more titillated than terrified please dip into the samples on Amazon and elsewhere.